Nowadays, online dating services are the second most popular way to find a partner. This is due to several factors, but the main one is time. To watch pictures on the Internet and make an assessment of the person takes not so much time. It is not such time-consuming as a personal meeting. However, what are hidden stones and even disasters?

  1. Many people lie there

All users want to look attractive. For example, some studies show that more than 20% of females published a photo where they looked much younger. While males didn’t tell truth about the financial situation, in particular, about their work and property. More than 40% of men admitted that they did it to attract better girl or boy.

  1. Not a relationship, but one time sex

It’s like a catastrophe for women that many guys are just looking for sex. Yes, most would agree that in real life men want lovemaking more. But men on dating sites seem to believe that girls and ladies registered there are ready for sex with strangers. Both sides should be prepared for receiving rude or even disgusting messages, sexually abusive offers, photos of penises and vaginas.

  1. Scammers

These people don’t need your feelings but money. Of course, there are such pitfalls in every sphere of life. But when it concerns online dating this threat can be quite possible. There are literally thousands of manipulators. Be careful before giving your real name, high-res pictures, bank details even if somebody promising paradise and marriage. You should suspect any person, group or company requesting any financial or personal information.

  1. Emotional abusers

It is very easy to scroll through the page when a person has a lot of other options. And provoke and annoy other people. It’s better to ban a user with whom you feel an emotional discomfort.

As a result, we can identify several categories of users on such platforms:

  1. “I don’t know what I want, I just talk.” We take time of people who are looking for a real person and a real love.
  2. “Give a present, please.” Well, it’s just really funny. Do you need all these virtual flowers and mugs? Will you become more beautiful from this, or what?
  3. “I won’t meet with anyone, I don’t want anything.” Darling, why the hell you are psychologically raping yourself and others? Well, remove/freeze your profile!
  4. “I am looking for a prince/princess.” Do you want a hot and beautiful lady and with a car and money or a dude with an “aggregate” of at least 25 cm? Well, good luck in your search, keep on flying in heavens.

So don’t waste your time with strange users. There are a lot of prostitutes and pimps under bright profiles. They do not want to meet, date. They are interested in new clients. This is really a sad truth, but let’s believe in a happy star.