Many people think that manipulation is the bad and unworthy trick. However, a lot of people use some manipulations in order to achieve desired results in relations. Sometimes, these tricks are used to gain personal egoistic goals, sometimes, for making small surprises. Of course, not every girl will be satisfied with the idea that her boyfriend is manipulating her feelings. This all is because manipulations are about cheating someone. If you really want to build good relations with a girl, then you should study the basics of psychology.

People do not understand each other, because they do not even try to understand. Actually, they do not try, because they are absolutely sure that everything is already clear. In most situations, people think that they are right, and someone other should change their opinion.

If somebody hurts your feelings, ask if it is intentional. When we start accusing people, without understanding their intentions, it might be confusing for others. If your girlfriend acts “badly”, do not rush to tell her about it. Perhaps in her worldview, your “bad” does not exist, and she simply will not understand your morality. Meanwhile, she can understand your feelings.

Constructive expression of your negative feelings – is a real art. Your anger and complaints do not work. You expect the acceptance of the “guilty”, but receive only conflicts and quarrels. One of the main tasks that psychotherapy solves is to clarify what is happening. The psychologist teaches the client to understand the symbols of his soul.

One of the most common problems in relationships is unequal feelings between partners: almost always one “loves” stronger, while the second less. Such a difference in feelings tends to increase and leads to the failure of relations. Instead of manipulating games with other people’s feelings, one should practice open communication. Honesty, in general, has a remarkable advantage to clarify problems.

Sometimes everyone feels a lack of confidence, which means that you should support your partner. If your girl says you, that she does not feel beautiful, it means that she is seeking for your support in this complicated issue. Say her about your feelings, highlight her good features and ensure that she is the most beautiful one in the world. Talk to each other, share your problems – and your partner will welcome your efforts.

Finally, if you will ask “Is it worth to study psychology to successfully communicate with girls?” – I will answer, “You choose”. It definitely will help you to understand women better that will positively influence on your communication skills. Start from small steps:

  • Check if there are any public lectures or open talks on psychological topics;
  • Visit your corporate psychologist to understand how he or she works with clients;
  • Buy some popular books about relations in the nearest bookstore;
  • Find any courses about relations at online platforms;
  • Subscribe blogs of famous psychologists in order to gain their experience;
  • Read the articles of experienced love-coaches and visit their trainings.

Fairly, successful relations are built on mutual understanding and trust. Does not matter if you decided to study psychology or not – realizing the problem is the first step towards finding a solution.