Neuro-linguistic programming is one of the most popular methods of influencing human behavior in modern psychotherapy. Both women and men can use effective NLP techniques in relations. They help to create new or improve existing relationships.

One of the most popular techniques in NLP is “Adopting”. This method is effective for establishing closer contact with the other person. The trick means copying the behavior of the partner, his gestures, facial expressions and even the rhythm of breathing. This is so-called “external” adjustment, which should be made as natural as possible. After establishing contact, you can proceed to the “leading”. The idea is that if you smile, the other person will repeat your action. In order to find a common language with a partner of the opposite sex, you should try to look at the world through his belief system.

Practically any technique of seduction in NLP is provided by “Anchoring”. This technique is based on the positive emotions and feelings that a partner experienced at a certain moment. You should create an environment similar to one that they experienced at the moment of pleasure. Sometimes smells, music, touches are used as “anchors”. They are associated with a pleasant pastime.

Women who want to arrange a personal life should read the book of Eva Berger “NLP for happy love.” The author describes the techniques of NLP and gives practical exercises aimed at the searching for the perfect man. In her book, you can note several effective methods by which girls can start a new relationship or improve existing ones. For example, “Yes rule“.  A person who answered three questions in a row positively will do it for the fourth time. The technique can be used to prepare a man for a new stage of relations. The most important phrase should be spoken not in a question, but in an affirmative tone with a confident voice.

Not only girls but also men can apply NLP techniques to attract the woman of their hearts. “Choice without choice” is a trick when a woman is offered a free choice from the only possible option. For example, when inviting for a date, the phrase should be formulated as follows: “When are you free? Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?” Initially, it is assumed that the meeting will take place. The partner creates the illusion that a woman has a choice.

Finally, you should not think that the manipulation techniques are very simple. It will take a lot of efforts to master them perfectly. However, the result will be visible very soon. To become happy and achieve success with the opposite sex, to improve already existing relationships – learn the techniques of NLP in love. Nevertheless, you should remember, that building trust is the most important thing in relations.