Social media are believed to be the best way to find a partner for romance or family life. But in fact, there are several ways to find your true love online. First of all, let’s try to reveal the pros and cons of various options.


  • Dating Sites. These services are the most popular for meeting interesting people and chatting. Their tip is that the profile is compiled according to special criteria (in several columns you place information about the purpose of the acquaintance, personal features and hobbies, your expectations.)


Among the advantages of such platforms are:

  • you may highlight your profile in the top;
  • a huge selection of options;
  • filter system;
  • automatic choice of a partner based on a well-thought compatibility algorithm.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • the number of profiles is too large;
  • a lot of spam and advertising accounts;
  • registration on some dating sites is paid.


  • Dating Social Networks. Another very popular type on the Internet. Here you can search for both friends for easy communication and partners for romantic relationships. Some of these virtual spaces have a certain “focus”: for example, they are intended for those who are not ready to go beyond the flirtation, or for single parents who dream of finding the second half. The pitfalls of such mediums are the same as those of the above sites – uncertainty in the interlocutor and the opportunity to become a victim of fraudsters.
  • General Social Media. These platforms do not have a specific thematic specialization. Through them, you can try to establish an informal contact, “crossing” the various social strata. On these sites people are more likely to be focused on friendly communication than on a romantic one, so finding a partner in this way will take some time. Moreover, in recent years people are reluctant to add strangers to a friend list. But there is one obvious benefit: your ordinary correspondence may turn into something more! And you will know much info about your beloved, his/her real pictures and hobbies, family and job details, travel destinations.


Create a Profile!

As we see, the variants # 2, 3 are safer and reliable because administrators of these Internet businesses keep an eye on order and honesty inside them. Your irresistible profile is a key to success. Below we provide useful tips for creating an attractive one:

  1. Picture. This is the first thing that people pay attention to. And therefore it is extremely important that it is clear and shows you from the best side.
  2. Positive and honesty. It is not necessary to invent something that does not exist, to hide a current relationship or a past marriage.
  3. Regular update. Do not forget to post on your page your news and interesting articles.

If you are ready, just write to your romantic friend and comment on his/her posts and photos. Show your interest and go ahead.